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Wire Marking Services

With over 35 years’ experience, Data Cable is a world class manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnessing and electro-mechanical assemblies for a widely diverse group of industries such as medical, military, industrial automation, satellite technology and more.

Wire and cable marking is a service Data Cable makes available to its customers who partner with them for wire processing solutions. Wire marking is ideal for heavy equipment, and capital equipment with many wires in a harness.

A cable is ready to be marked during wire processing. The surface of an insulated wire, during wire processing, has been marked with variable information. A sample of wire marking by Data Cable

Wire and cable marking allows for the addition of variable information (like use or signal) to the surface of an insulated wire during wire processing. It solves the colour limitation issue, enabling you the ability to fully identify all individual cable wires, which is key in helping with assembly, trackability and troubleshooting.

Wire marking, when done at the time of wire processing, is a faster and more economical solution than manual wire labeling. It also requires almost no additional labour cost, or time, except for set up and programming. Applying a single label by hand can take up to one minute to apply. If you require continuous marking across the wire’s length or if you need to put one on each end, and if the finished product is only a single lead, labelling costs can soar, becoming a huge percentage of cost.

Data Cable’s high-quality industrial inkjet printers are installed on 2 of our wire processing machines (cut and strip). They print black or white ink with high precision through a nozzle smaller than a human hair on 20 awg to 8 awg wire and cables up to ½” or 13mm in diameter. The marking can be applied at the “ends” or continuously along the run of the wire or cable. Font size and orientations are adjustable, and neither the ink or the process itself affects the insulation properties. The ink marking is permanent on most PVC type insulations, but will not work on Teflon insulations.

For higher wire processing volumes, wire marking services may be offered at no additional cost. Talk to us today about your wire processing and wire marking needs. We are confident that we can help you find the best solution.


"Customer service, excellent quality and nimbleness in managing the changing demands we put on them are the reasons we use Data Cable. They have very good communication channels to keep us up to date on the status of our orders and are quick to respond if an issue arises."
JDD, Director Manufacturing / Senior Project Manager, Project Test Engineering, Mississauga, Ontario