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Ribbon Cable Manufacturer

Data Cable is a world class manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnessing and electro-mechanical assemblies for a widely diverse group of industries. Medical, military, industrial automation, satellite technology and more.

For over 30 years Data Cable has enjoyed sustainable growth and success. We value the excellent reputation we've earned for quality, competitive pricing and customer service.

A Data Cable Employee Assembling a Ribbon CableRibbon Cable Manufacturing Sample by Data CableA sample of ribbon cable by Data Cable Company

Ribbon cable assemblies provide a cost effective interconnection method between components inside a package or enclosure. Ribbon cable assemblies are most applicable when there are a number of connections required between two locations. The most common application for years was inside computers to connect the disk drives to the disk controllers or motherboards. Other typical applications include connecting two circuit boards, a keyboard, a display, etc. inside an enclosure.

Ribbon cable assembly manufactures will purchase flat ribbon cable with the desire number of conductors, cut it to length, and terminate the flat cable with an Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) in a 'one shot' (mass termination) operation. It is the ability to make a large number of connections very quickly that makes the flat ribbon cable assembly cost effective.

Other factors for using ribbon cable may also be for space or packaging issues where a wire or cable harness may not fit or appearance is important. In a custom application there are multiple options for termination, forming, or configuring a ribbon cable assembly.

Design issues were once constrained by capacitance voltage, due to running the wire parallel for a long distance, current and flame ratings, but multiple options are now available depending on the application and environment that the ribbon cable assembly will be used in.

"Customer service, excellent quality and nimbleness in managing the changing demands we put on them are the reasons we use Data Cable. They have very good communication channels to keep us up to date on the status of our orders and are quick to respond if an issue arises."
JDD, Director Manufacturing / Senior Project Manager, Project Test Engineering, Mississauga, Ontario