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Ribbon Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Data Cable is a world class manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnessing and electro-mechanical assemblies for a widely diverse group of industries. Medical, military, industrial automation, satellite ground station technology and more.

Since 1980 Data Cable has enjoyed sustainable growth and success. We’re proud of, and value the first-class reputation we've earned for quality, competitive pricing and customer service.

A Data Cable Employee Assembling a Ribbon CableRibbon Cable Manufacturing Sample by Data CableA sample of ribbon cable by Data Cable Company

A ribbon cable has numerous conducting wires running parallel to one other on the same flat plane. Its appearance is flat and wide and resembles a ribbon (hence its name).

Ribbon cable assemblies are an interconnection method between components inside a package or enclosure. Ribbon cable assemblies are most applicable when multiple connections are required between two locations. For the longest time, the most common application was inside computers, to connect disk drives to disk controllers or motherboards. Other typical applications include connecting two circuit boards, a keyboard, a display, etc. inside an enclosure.

In  the past, ribbon cable assembly design was constrained by capacitance, due to running the wire parallel for a long distance, and current & flame ratings. Now, there are various options available depending on the application and environment that the ribbon cable assembly will be used in.

Why partner with a custom ribbon cable assembly manufacturer, like Data Cable??

  • They are a cost-effective solution. They can produce a large volume of quality connections consistently and quickly. Ribbon cable assembly manufacturers purchase flat ribbon cable with the required number of conductors, cut it to length, and terminate the flat cable with an Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) in a 'one shot' or mass termination operation.
  • They can help you solve space or packaging issues that prevent a wire or cable harness from fitting.
  • The appearance of your ribbon cable assembly is important. 
  • They offer various options for termination, forming or configuring ribbon cable assemblies.

Contact us today about your ribbon cable assembly manufacturing needs. We’d be happy to help you find the right solution.