Custom Cable Braiding Solution

Data Cable is a world class manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnessing, electro-mechanical assemblies and other interconnect solutions for a widely diverse group of industries - defence, medical, robotics, UAVs, transportation, industrial equipment, satellite & communications, nuclear & power, agriculture, forestry, mining & more.

custom wire harness on wooden board

Since 1980 Data Cable has enjoyed sustainable growth and success. We value the excellent reputation we've earned for quality, competitive pricing and customer service.

Data Cable's manufacturing solutions for OEMs include overbraiding technology. Our braiding machines are capable of covering bundles ranging from 0.25” - 1.00” in diameter.

Overbraiding is an alternative to cable sheathing, polymer split loom, and pre-woven sleeve. It is commonly used in heavy off-road equipment and automotive industries for heat and abrasion protection of wire harnesses. Compared to split loom and prefabricated woven covers, overbraiding easily accommodates specification changes to wire length or rev changes, without having an impact on the work in progress.

Overbraiding is highly versatile in its application and is used in a wide variety of industries because it is available in an array of colours, and material, which can be individualized to industry and/or manufacturer specifications. This degree of customization and efficiency helps to keep costs lower.

This application is completed by feeding the branches of a wire harness or cable assembly through the braiding machine and creating a seamless, durable, woven polymer covering which encompasses the entirety of the wire harness. The end result is commonly referred to as braided cable assembly or braided wire harness.

Braided electrical wire is ideal for applications where high temperature, excessive friction, corrosive chemicals, oil or moisture are present. The braiding machines can also be set up using tinned copper strands where seamless shielding is required for EMI protection.


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