Original equipment manufacturers need every available advantage to remain competitive and keep business progressing forward in today’s dynamic environment.


Times have changed. OEMs no longer retain 100% of the responsibility of manufacturing their own custom cable assemblies, custom wire harnesses, electro-mechanical assemblies or box builds in-house. They outsource their cable assembly manufacturing needs. Why? This is a non-core function that brings large costs, massive challenges, and regularly falls short of meeting business needs and expectations.

Outsourcing to a custom wire harness assembly manufacturer, like Data Cable, enables OEMs to:

  • Better manage their budgets.
  • Reduce costs, like payroll, inventory, warehousing, equipment and tools.
  • Improve reliability, efficiency, safety & quality of their interconnection components and parts.
  • Benefit from customized design that meets their unique and specific needs.
  • Regain control over their business by freeing up resources (money, people and time) to focus on what really matters - their core competencies!
A female Data Cable employee holding up spools of different colours of wires and cables.

Why Choose Data Cable?

Teaming with Data Cable brings you a proven track record in which customer expectations are always met and exceeded. It means:

  • Solutions you can count on to increase your productivity, profits & yield. Learn more about our products and services.
  • Specialized knowledge and expertise.
  • Skilled & experienced staff to design, build and test.
  • Technicians on call for expert consultation whenever you need it.
  • Established processes and procedures in place - no learning curve required.
  • Quality systems continuously pushing for absolute perfection - every single wire and cable that we process is tested before it leaves our facility.
  • A production department tuned to the highest level of quality attainable.
  • Ongoing investment in technology and equipment.
  • Inventory management.
  • Manufacturing space.
Eight Data Cable employees lined up in a classroom holding certificates from recent training.

OEMs choose to outsource their sub-assemblies and box-builds to Data Cable because we consistently build what they need to the highest quality, and we do it better than anyone else. How?

  1. Through the value-added services we make available to our OEM customers.
  2. CSA Certification, UL Recognition, and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard all contribute to the consistent high quality of Data Cable’s custom cable assemblies and box builds. Learn more about our regulatory and environmental requirements and safety standards.



"I chose Data Cable for its quality reputation. The one thing that separates them from all the rest is customer service. They respond in a timely fashion, they are able to manufacture high complexity cabling and they can shift priorities when engineering samples are required."
TL, Director of Operations, Telecommunications Test and Measurement Equipment
Mississauga, ON
"Customer service, excellent quality and nimbleness in managing the changing demands we put on them are the reasons we use Data Cable. They have very good communication channels to keep us up to date on the status of our orders and are quick to respond if an issue arises."
JDD, Director Manufacturing / Senior Project Manager, Project Test Engineering
Mississauga, Ontario
"Data Cable has always been competitive on price, quality and delivery. They have very good communication channels to keep us up to date on the status of our orders and are quick to respond if an issues arise."
Director Manufacturing, Senior Project Manager