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Boost productivity and output with Data Cable Kanban.

The system designed to SAVE you money!

Kanban signal release systems play an integral role in the Data Cable LEAN manufacturing process. Based totally on customer demand, they ensure assemblies are replenished – in correct amounts always – regardless of exceptions from forecast.

How much could you SAVE?
canadian custom cable manufacturer

Synchronized supply
Unlike systems which use forecasts to drive replenishment, Kanban systems do not rely on forecasts to identify peaks and dips in demand. The result is assemblies always and only replenished as they are used.

canadian custom cable manufacturer

Reduced inventory
Because Kanban re-orders only as products are used, inventory levels are greatly reduced. Data Cable makes sure you always have correct quantities of the correct assemblies on-hand.

canadian custom cable manufacturer

Stock-outs eliminated
Because Kanban is a visual system, anyone and everyone can spot and report stock-outs before they ever occur. Kanban ensures you will never run out of assemblies ever again.

With a Data Cable Kanban system in place – manual card or electronic – stock replenishment becomes a predictable process for maximized productivity and savings.