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Data Cable continues to make significant investments into the most current automated and semi-automated tools.

custom cable manufacturing equipment custom cable manufacturing equipment custom cable manufacturing equipment
  • 22 user ERP system
  • Komax Gamma 333PC high volume lead machine
  • Schleuniger 5400 programmable coax stripper
  • Schleuniger OC3950 programmable cable/ribbon cutter
  • 12 Schleuniger wire strippers
  • 26 Bench termination presses (Tyco, Molex, JST, Berg, Panduit, Hollingsworth)
  • 2 Schleuniger 8300 jacket strippers
  • Schleuniger 2600 Unistrip
  • Schleuniger programmable stripper crimper
  • 2 hydraulic crimp presses
  • Large inventory of crimp hand tools
  • 6 Brady thermal transfer label printers
  • Phoenix Contact Thermomark heat shrink label printer
  • 3 Stormtronics mini-twisters
  • Schleuniger 9500 cable cut and strip
  • Schleuniger 9300 wire cut and strip
  • 4 Prefeeders
  • Automatic tywrap gun
  • Alphabet Ink Jet Wire Marking Systems (one black ink and one white ink)
  • 2 New England Butt 24 carrier braiding machines
  • 1 New England Butt 16 carrier braiding machine

"I chose Data Cable for its quality reputation. The one thing that separates them from all the rest is customer service. They respond in a timely fashion, they are able to manufacture high complexity cabling and they can shift priorities when engineering samples are required."
TL, Director of Operations, Telecommunications Test and Measurement Equipment, Mississauga, ON