Custom Electrical Wiring Harness Manufacturer

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Wire Harness Assembly by Data Cable

For companies that make machinery, equipment or electrical control panels with a number of wires and cables, it can be very time consuming to route and terminate the wires and cables one by one. The most common solution is to make these wires and cables outside the equipment and then bundle them together into the form that best fits inside or on the machine. The result is an electrical wiring harness.

An electrical wiring harness that consists solely of wires is typically called a wire harness. With increasing complex requirements, cables that provide networking, position feedback, shielded power, etc. are all also incorporated into the bundles and an electrical wiring harness is a more actuate description.

Once the harnesses have been electrically completed, the bundle can be tie wrapped together, taped, braided, covered in sleeving or spiral wrap, etc., or any combination of these, to make it an integrated assembly.

Electric wiring harness manufacturers must be capable of much more than the termination of copper wire. They must also be able to build cable assemblies, with their more complex connectors and shielding requirements, and potentially have access to fiber optic assemblies that may also be incorporated into the design.

Why would an equipment manufacturer take the time to layout or design a harness as a separate sub-assembly?

  • If they’re making more than one or two machines of the same design, the harness will increase the throughput in their shop by dramatically reducing the time the machine sits in inventory while the wiring is being completed.
  • The electrical wiring harness is thoroughly tested prior to arriving at the machine which minimizes the need for trouble-shooting due to uncaught crossed or missing connections.
  • The reliability is better as the electrical wiring harness is completed using processes that are more repeatable and predictable than a termination that is completed by lying on your back under a machine with a hand tool.

Making custom wire harnesses on a repetitive basis, with repeatable processes, requires a great deal of special equipment, tooling, test equipment, and skilled assemblers. A typical custom wire harness assembly can have a large number of component parts and many different wire types. All of these make outsourcing a single part number to a specialized custom wiring harness manufacturer an attractive option for OEMs of specialty-made equipment. While the setup can be extensive, once completed, it will yield consistent results.

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