D-Sub Connector Assemblies

Data Cable is a world class manufacturer of customer D-subminiatures, custom cable assemblies, wire harnessing, electro-mechanical assemblies and other interconnect solutions for a widely diverse group of industries - defence, medical, robotics, UAVs, transportation, industrial equipment, satellite & communications, nuclear & power, agriculture, forestry, mining & more.

An example of a D-sub connector manufactured by Data Cable
An example of a D-subminiature manufactured by Data Cable
An example of a D-subminiature manufactured by Data Cable

Why Do OEMS Partner with Data Cable for their D-Sub Connector Assembly Needs?

We are a long-standing reputable D-subminiature connector manufacturer for OEMs. We’ve been building them for 40 years, since our inception in 1980.

A D-sub or D-subminiature is a common type of electrical connector that has 2+ parallel rows of pins or sockets. It is surrounded by a D-shaped metal shield, designed to provide mechanical support, ensure correct orientation, and help screen against electromagnetic interference.

D-subminiatures are needed in many industries, including Medical, Industrial, Communication systems, and Military. The D-type connector is used in many applications as a multi-way connector; however, it’s most widely known as the connector used for RS-232 serial links. Other common applications that they are used for include:

  • Machine Interfaces
  • Video & Audio
  • Telecommunication
  • Computer Systems

Why Outsource your D-Sub Connector Assembly Needs to Data Cable?

All D-subminiature assemblies we manufacture meet the unique needs of our OEM customers, including environmental requirements and the specific applications they are to be used for.

We manufacture all D-sub assemblies in full compliance regulatory and environmental requirements and safety standards, and every component or subcomponent is fully inspected before it leaves our 35,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Canada. 

Whether your needs are standard or unique, you can count on the skilled D-sub experts at Data Cable to manufacture what you need. From customer designed prototypes to First Article Inspection builds through to full production, and 100% inspection, Data Cable collaborates with OEMs and delivers reliable, quality, and affordable connectivity solutions. Contact us today about your D-sub needs!