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Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Data Cable is a world class manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnessing and electro-mechanical assemblies for a widely diverse group of industries. Medical, military, industrial automation, satellite technology and more.

For over 30 years Data Cable has enjoyed sustainable growth and success. We value the excellent reputation we've earned for quality, competitive pricing and customer service.

Canadian custom cable assemblies can be made with cable and wire that is available "off the shelf" as a standard or catalog component in the assembly. There are a number of Canadian cable manufacturers that make standard catalog cables for sale through distribution channels or direct to cable assembly operations such as Data Cable. There are also a number of Canadian companies, and divisions of large US or Multi-national cable distribution companies, that stock and handle cable made all over the globe.

There are also applications that require custom cable to be manufactured to a special specification. There are a number of Canadian custom cable manufacturers that will provide cables, made to a special specification, in runs as short as 100 meters.

These Canadian cable manufacturers' custom requirements arise due to unique application, regulatory or environmental conditions where a standard off the shelf cable will not work. Examples of these would be a cable with multiple conductor sizes, different pairing configurations, shielding if individual elements or overall shields of various types. Heat, cold, sunlight, oil, water immersion would be examples of environmental concerns. Regulatory factors could be approvals, listings, voltage, current carrying capacity, etc.

Canadian suppliers of Military cable assemblies are very familiar with these custom cable requirements. Military cable assemblies typically have extremes in their requirements/specifications that custom cables are not unusual.

"I chose Data Cable for its quality reputation. The one thing that separates them from all the rest is customer service. They respond in a timely fashion, they are able to manufacture high complexity cabling and they can shift priorities when engineering samples are required."
TL, Director of Operations, Telecommunications Test and Measurement Equipment, Mississauga, ON