Custom Control Cable Assemblies

Data Cable is a world class manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnessing, electro-mechanical assemblies and other interconnect solutions for a widely diverse group of industries - defence, medical, robotics, UAVs, transportation, industrial equipment, satellite & communications, nuclear & power, agriculture, forestry, mining & more.

custom control cable assembly by Data Cable
custom control cable assembly by Data Cable
A soldered circular connector.


“Control cables” is a very broadly used term that refers to a spectrum of applications, including analog and digital signals. The most common applications that would be referred to as “control cables” are for instrumentation, monitoring, and control of industrial applications like robotics and assembly lines. They can often extend into medical and mobile computing/control applications as well.

Control cables are flexible multi-conductor cables, typically made from PVC (polyvinyl) or PUR (polyurethane), that are constructed and terminated for the application and environment that they are used in.

Custom control cable assemblies can be made with control cables that are available "off the shelf", or with cables that are manufactured to meet an OEM's custom requirements like:

  • Unique Application – Control cables with multiple conductor sizes, different pairing configurations, shielding of individual elements or overall shields of various types.
  • Environmental Conditions - Heat, cold, sunlight, oil or water immersion. Motion (in a track, free hanging, or torsional) is always a factor that can add complexity for a seemingly simple application.
  • Regulatory Factors - Approvals, listings, voltage or current carrying capacity.

At Data Cable, all the control cable assemblies we make for OEMs are custom, regardless if the control cable is ‘off the shelf’ or custom made to specification.

We’d like to hear about your control cable assemblies manufacturing needs and help you find a solution. Let’s talk.