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Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Data Cable is a world class manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnessing and electro-mechanical assemblies for a widely diverse group of industries. Medical, military, industrial automation, satellite technology and more.

For over 30 years Data Cable has enjoyed sustainable growth and success. We value the excellent reputation we've earned for quality, competitive pricing and customer service.

A sample of an Electro mechanical assembly by Data Cable A sample of an Electro mechanical assembly by Data Cable A sample of an Electro mechanical assembly by Data Cable


A cable assembly can be broadly described as part/assembly/product where a cable is cut to a specific length and terminated, or prepared for termination, at one or both ends. This makes it sound simple but the variations are endless.

The cable within the assembly can have two or more conductors inside a jacket. The conductors inside the jacket can vary in size depending on the application. The jacket for the cable assembly can be made of various materials to meet a variety of regulatory, environmental and application specific requirements. The jacket that has been cut to a specific length and modified at one or both ends to the requirements of the application.

The cable assembly manufacturer will have a number of different processes to cut the cable to length, depending on volume. The length of the cable assembly is defined in either Imperial (USA) or metric units (SI) and the points where the measurements are taken from on the assembly must also be defined.

The modification of the ends of the cable is typically the addition of a connector and strain relief system. Connector termination must consider factors such as conductor size, connector type, crimp tooling, and cable size. The cable assembly manufacturer may also just be required to strip the jacket, terminate a shield, and cut the conductors to specific lengths. These factors are examples of the flexibility required for each custom cable assembly application.

The cable assembly manufacturer will also typically be asked to label the assembly with an identification of some sort and may also be required to label various ends, points or destinations on the cable assembly. The most common label type used for cable assemblies is a self laminating, or wraparound label, but printed heat shrink and printed adhesive backed labels are also commonly used.

"I chose Data Cable for its quality reputation. The one thing that separates them from all the rest is customer service. They respond in a timely fashion, they are able to manufacture high complexity cabling and they can shift priorities when engineering samples are required."
TL, Director of Operations, Telecommunications Test and Measurement Equipment, Mississauga, ON