Breakout Box Manufacturer

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custom breakout box assemblies by The Data Cable Co. In.
An example of a breakout box assembly - a control valve


A breakout box is a broad term applied to an assembly where there is a distribution point for power or signals contained in a box. Data Cable has built a wide variety of assemblies that fit under the term 'breakout box'. A breakout box can come in many forms and sizes. The box can have multiple connectors or cable assemblies mounted. A custom breakout box could be considered a subset of a box build, or a control panel, in the case of a large one.

Designers have multiple options for distribution or breakouts within their system. Perhaps the least costly option is to have a junction or meeting place for several cables that then route back to a connection point. This is often limited when environmental, service, breakdown for shipping, or optional equipment connections are also considered.

Breakout boxes for power may have common connections inside that are completed using jumpering, pigtails or terminal blocks as a few examples. These boxes may have cables exiting them for distribution to the various points, but they often have connectors to accomplish other functions that need to be considered such as equipment shipping or safety.

Signal distribution can be simple or complex with a breakout box. Common signal paths, varying cable types and wire gauges, connector types and mounting, and particularly shielding have to all be considered in these types of assemblies.

Combining power and signal distribution into one breakout box can be accomplished; however additional considerations such as barriers and separations must be factored in depending on the regulatory requirements for the end user's country or region.

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