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Battery Cable Assemblies

Data Cable is a leading manufacturer of battery cable assemblies, custom cable assemblies, box builds, control panel assemblies, wire harness assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies and more, for a widely diverse group of industries including medical, military, industrial automation & satellite ground station technology.

A sample of a complete battery cable assembly by Data CableA battery cable assembly by Data CableAn example of an OEM battery cable assembly by Data Cable

Why Do OEMS Partner with Data Cable for their Custom Battery Cable Assembly Needs?

We are a long-standing reputable battery cable assembly manufacturer for OEMs, backed by decades of experience.

Battery cables are used to supply DC power to machines, vehicles and various other types of battery powered equipment. They are most commonly used in Automotive, Military, Aerospace and Manufacturing industries, in battery powered systems mostly.

A battery cable assembly is comprised of a battery cable with both ends terminated. It is used to connect one or more batteries to an electrical system. They vary widely in length and can can be terminated with a wide array of ends and boots.

When manufacturing battery cable assemblies, the right cable size or wire gauge must be chosen to ensure effective power transfer to the equipment. This varies from micro-amps to several hundred amps. The cable size is dependent on the requirements necessary to operate the equipment, and the battery cable components used must serve the environment which they will be used in.

Why Outsource your Battery Cable Assembly Needs to Data Cable?

All assemblies we manufacture meet the unique needs of our OEM customers, including any environmental requirements and the specific applications they are to be used for. This is critical for many industries, especially Military, where battery cables are commonly used in harsh environments. For example, Military vehicles are subjected to hot and cold environments, outside or underwater conditions, etc.  To ensure that the battery cables are reliable and work as intended in these various environments, a special manufacturing process is required, which Data Cable has extensive experience with.

We manufacture all custom battery cable assemblies in-house and in full compliance regulatory and environmental requirements and safety standards, and every component or subcomponent is fully tested before it leaves our 35,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. 

Whatever your connectivity needs are, OEMs can rely on Data Cable’s skilled experts to manufacture what they need. From consultation, to prototype, to finished product, Data Cable delivers reliable, quality and affordable connectivity solutions for OEMs. Contact us today!