Value Added Services

In today’s highly competitive and challenging markets, companies need every available advantage.

Because purchasing, delivery and supply are the key components to customer success, Data Cable has developed the means to deliver exactly what you want, how you want it and when. Many of Data Cable’s customers are adopting our ‘added value services’ because of their efficiency – lowering costs and lead-time, while improving quality and performance.

Here are the value added services we offer our OEM customers, who have outsourced their custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, electro-mechanical assemblies and box builds interconnection needs to us:

  • Kanban. We can replenish stock automatically based on any signals.
  • Stocking agreement. We can build & hold inventory based on agreements with our OEM customers.
  • Prototyping. We can provide rapid prototyping of custom assemblies & subassemblies, to our OEM customers.
  • Reverse engineering. We can work with an OEM to create a Fit, Form, Function replacement.
  • Custom packaging. We can kit different assemblies to arrive at correct points on the line.
  • Reusable packaging. If required by an OEM, reusable packaging is available.
  • Technical support. We can be reached for technical consultation whenever needed.
  • Dedicated service. We promise total & complete satisfaction.