The Road & Street Maintenance industry is constantly moving to support the Transportation industry. It operates 24/7/365 to maintain highways, local streets and different road ways and types of roads so that people, communities, and businesses everywhere remain connected and accessible.

From street sweepers to graders, pavers, rollers, and snowplow trucks, road & street maintenance equipment encompasses various types of industrial equipment that is depended on to continuously maintain roadways. Preserving through harsh and severe weather and environmental conditions are the norm.

Safety, durability, and reliability of equipment manufactured for road maintenance are critical, which is why this industry requires higher quality and capabilities than what a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ cable assembly or wire harness can deliver.

With decades of experience and a proven track record, road maintenance OEMs turn to Data Cable for their interconnect needs.

A Full Interconnect Solutions Provider for Road Maintenance OEMs

Ashphalt road with centre lines

For decades we have manufactured custom wire harnesses, cable assemblies and more, for a wide and diverse range of industries, including road and street maintenance. We have extensive experience in interconnect solutions for snow removal and street sweepers.

We have solved some of the most complex interconnect challenges for a variety of applications and systems in all the industries we serve. From designing to manufacturing to testing and delivering finished interconnect solutions, we consistently operate at the highest level of quality attainable:

  • We have the capabilities, credentials, and rigorous testing processes in place at our UL-certified Canadian cable assembly manufacturing facility in Canada.
  • 100% Quality first time and every time is our measure of success. We inspect every single component before it leaves our facility. Data Cable’s cable assemblies and wire harnesses are integrated into complex systems and applications all over the world. Field failures are NOT acceptable.

Quality Cable Assembly Manufacturing Demands Strong Capabilities

We take immense pride in offering a full range of interconnect products & services to meet the many needs of our customers, especially OEMS in road & street maintenance. We have developed the means to deliver on time exactly what customers need and to their precise specifications, including:

  • Having an in-house Engineering & Design Team.
  • Having a proven QMS (Quality Management System) specific to our industry and capabilities.
  • Being certified to the ISO9001:2015 standard (SAI Global).
  • Following IPC/WHMA-A-620, class 2 unless otherwise specified.
  • Testing 100% for continuity and shorts per IPC/WHMA-A-620, Section 19.5.1 and 19.5.2, class 2, unless otherwise specified.
  • Maintaining RoHS, REACH, & Conflict Minerals compliance capability.

Our Value Added Services like Kanban, Stocking Agreements, Technical support, Reverse Engineering and Prototyping not only make outsourcing more efficient, but they also aid in speeding up lead times and ensuring high quality and performance of connectivity solutions like an engine control harness.

Data Cable – Expert Manufacturer of Interconnect Solutions for Road Maintenance OEMs

Manufacturers of custom wire harness assemblies and cable assemblies are not created equal. Experience, quality, value added services, capabilities, and testing all matter when choosing the optimal cable assembly manufacturer to partner with.

When you partner with Data Cable, you can trust that we build precisely to specifications while still attaining the highest level of quality and reliability possible.

Tell us more about your interconnect needs by requesting a quote today.