Custom Mining Wire Harness & Custom Mining Cable Assemblies Manufacturer

Equipment, machinery, and vehicles in the mining industry operate in some of the harshest, unclean, and dangerous conditions in the world, including isolated remote locations, unforgiving terrain and outdoor exposure, and severe temperature fluctuations. Equipment is used in severe heavy-duty applications and runs continuously.

Equipment failures are unacceptable in mining. A power failure can pose a serious safety risk to operators and overall mining operations. Idle machines halt productivity, which can lead to tremendous financial losses. It is critical that electrical systems function reliably and safely, which is why mining OEMs require higher quality and capabilities than what a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ wire harness assembly and cable assembly provides.

Data Cable - Wire Harness Manufacturer for Mining OEMS

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Data Cable designs and manufactures high quality wire harnesses, cable assemblies and control panels for various mining machinery, equipment and trucks including cranes, mining shovels, haul trucks, dump trucks, dozers, and more.

With decides of experience building interconnect solutions for mining equipment manufacturers, we understand the demanding nature of the industry and the severe applications mining equipment is used for. From designing to manufacturing to testing and delivering finished interconnect solutions, our team consistently operates at the highest level of quality attainable:

  • We build in strict accordance with the unique requirements and specifications of our OEM customers.
  • We have the capabilities, credentials, and rigorous testing processes in place at our UL-certified Canadian cable assembly manufacturing facility in Canada.
  • 100% Quality first time and every time is our measure of success. Field failures are NOT acceptable. We inspect every single component before it leaves our facility.

Mining Equipment Manufacturers Demand Strong Capabilities

Mining OEMs need tough, dependable equipment to perform in both demanding continuous duty cycles and severe duty applications. To ensure equipment consistently functions as intended, high quality, durable and reliable electronic systems that will perform every single day in extreme and adverse conditions are needed.

Data Cable’s custom wire harnesses are manufactured to withstand and persevere when exposed to:

  • Severe temperatures and environmental conditions
  • Humidity & moisture
  • Dust
  • Heat
  • Abrasion
  • Pressure
  • Vibrations
  • Shock
  • Corrosive chemicals, fluids & fuels

Environmental seals and overbraiding are important and essential in manufacturing high quality wire harness assemblies for mining equipment manufacturers.

We’re proud to be a leading interconnect manufacturer for Mining OEMs, offering a full range of products & services to meet any needs of our customers. We have developed the means to deliver on time exactly what OEMs need and to their precise specifications, including:

  • Having an in-house Engineering & Design Team.
  • Offering Overbraiding services to provide heat and abrasion protection.
  • Having a proven QMS (Quality Management System) specific to our industry and capabilities.
  • Being certified to the ISO9001:2015 standard (SAI Global).
  • Following IPC/WHMA-A-620, class 2 unless otherwise specified.
  • Testing 100% for continuity and shorts per IPC/WHMA-A-620, Section 19.5.1 and 19.5.2, class 2, unless otherwise specified.
  • Maintaining RoHS, REACH, & Conflict Minerals compliance capability.
  • Value Added Services like Kanban, Stocking Agreements, Technical support, Reverse Engineering and Prototyping make outsourcing more efficient and they help speed up lead times and ensure high quality and performance.&

Partner With a Full Interconnect Solutions Provider – Data Cable

When selecting the best wire harness assembly manufacturer to outsource for mining equipment wire harness & cable assembly needs, knowledge, experience, quality, value added services, capabilities, and testing all matter.

Partner with Data Cable, and benefit from the confidence that we build precisely to your specifications, while still attaining the highest level of quality and reliability possible.

Tell us more about your projects & unique interconnect needs by requesting a quote today.