Mitigating the Impact of Global Supply Chain Issues

Posted on Thu, May 27, 2021

An important update from Paul Nelson, President of Data Cable.


The global supply chain continues to be significantly impacted by raw material shortages and disruptions in both the labor force and with freight carriers.

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These unprecedented supply challenges and shortages have disrupted and negatively impacted many businesses, especially those in manufacturing. They have disrupted demand and increased the costs. Suppliers have sent Force Majeure notices to their customers, increased their costs, and in some cases have had to close their doors temporarily or permanently.


As these issues and challenges continue and become more serious, we have reached out to all our customers to update them on the situation and share how Data Cable is working hard to mitigate any impact these global issues are having on them, and what proactive steps they can take to ensure their interconnect solutions needs are met. We want to reiterate those same messages here:


Date Cable is Committed to its Customers.


Our customers have experienced, for the most part, minimal disruption due to our robust inventory management system, operational processes, and stocking agreements.  We continue to operate at full capacity and are dedicated to minimizing the impact these supply chain issues have on our customers. 


We are now starting to see increased lead times and backlogged orders and delays. We are continuously communicating with all impacted customers to provide timely updates on changes to lead time, delivery, or cost, and will continue to do so.


As much as these supply chain issues are beyond our control, they are making it challenging to obtain electronic component parts including wire and cable in a timely manner or at all.


Being proactive has never been more important for our customers than now. Being proactive will help them secure, in a timelier manner, the materials and components needed for their custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, box builds, and more.  We have kindly asked our customers to:


  1. Review their forecasts and look over a longer time period to determine the appropriate order quantity.
  2. Place their order with Data Cable as soon as possible. 
  3. Consider a stocking program with us.


If any of our customers have any questions, please do contact your Customer Service Representative.


We thank all our customers for their ongoing partnership, business and understanding as we work through this together.